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“I wish I had started doing Pilates exercises Years ago....

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

is a phrase I often hear from my clients. Pilates has many advantages, too numerous to mention, however, I can say that Pilates, in particular, helps improve movement, posture and alignment, increase strength (in the core, back and glutes), and develop stability and balance. Pilates students build muscle, through strengthening exercises, helping contribute to improved metabolism. Pilates classes, through systematic and repetitive movements, also allow for improvement of focus and clarity of the mind as we work through these controlled exercises. One of my regular ChristyPilates students wrote that she had been a career or professional sitter and over time her back and glutes were in such poor condition, with too much strain on hip flexors and shoulders, which ultimately resulted in a hip replacement. She wishes she had started Pilates years ago (and moved earlier to a standing desk!). Another student noted that he gained more than one cm in height as his back ultimately became more flexible over time! Many have commented on their improved balance, and have provided examples of wintery conditions and responses to near falls. I am confident you find Pilates will contribute to your physical and mental well-being. My classes are inclusive, inviting and encouraging and I always provide modifications for every class, helping everyone find their joy and improved fitness in Pilates.

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