OUR LATEST LOCKDOWN...everything you need to know!

Registered participants of the current session will move to online classes effective immediately - ALL classes continue at the same time and same day as your regular in-person class. You will receive your ZOOM invite one day before your scheduled class.

Q: Can I join a class if I was not registered in it?

YES! You can join by drop-in. You will need to send an e-transfer of $15 to and reach out to me letting me know the class you would like to join. You will then be given the Zoom invite. You will need to do this at least 1 day before the scheduled class.

Q: Will I still be able to do my scheduled MAKE UP class?

YES! You will be given the zoom invite with all the other registered participants.

Q: Will the next 4 week session still open up for registration?

YES! Registration will open for bookings on Friday, April 16th. The NEW session begins on Monday, April 19th with virtual zoom classes. As soon as restrictions are lifted, we will immediately return to in-person classes at the clubhouse.

Q: What are the classes available to do as a drop-in in the current session?

Mondays: 6:15pm - All levels Mat

Tuesdays: 9:15am - Spicy Mat

Thursdays: 9:15am - Pilates with props ( Props change every week, notification sent via email)

Saturdays: 9:30am - All levels Mat

Sundays: 9:30am - Spicy Mat

Q: Will I be given the 3 day video access to all the registered classes from the current session?

NO - the only ZOOM class that will continue to be given 3 day video access is Saturdays 9:30am class which was always a virtual class.

Q: When will I receive the ZOOM link to a class?

You will receive the Zoom link by 4pm the day before your scheduled class.

If you have any further questions, please never hesitate to reach out to me!

By joining me online during this third closure, you are choosing to continue to support your own mental & physical well being! I will continue to support our Pilates community from behind the lens, until one day we can see each other again at the clubhouse.

I leave you with a photo I took of our Mat class yesterday resting in Child's pose at the end of class. Stay WELL my friends xo

In health & wellness,


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