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Why I teach Pilates

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

As a young professional dancer, I was often riddled with nagging injuries and ailments.  I began studying the Pilates method over 30 years ago in NYC and at the time it provided me a method for strengthening and lengthening my muscles, while maintaining my flexibility and balance. I loved that it connected breathe to movement and allowed me to work on areas of my body that were weaker or imbalanced.

Pilates is often referred to as 'intelligent' exercise, as it's a series of dynamic movements controlled by breath and detailed execution.  It's a method of exercise that has stood the test of time for dancers and non dancers alike, to maintain mobility and core strength as we move about in our daily lives.

The low impact nature of Pilates makes it a method that is easily accessible to all bodies, with a wide variety of modifications and variations available.  A person may be experiencing work related tension in their neck and shoulders, or be mending a sports related injury.   Others may be attempting to gain strength to meet a personal fitness goal. Pilates is able to meet the needs of all these individuals and help them move more at ease, while supporting their personal goals.

I  believe Pilates is a movement system that can meet everyone’s personal needs, and help us maintain mobility as we age. It can allow us to recruit muscles that are under utilized and work on our postural alignment, flexibility, strength & balance. More importantly, it can allow us, by moving at ease,  to enjoy all the other activities/ sports that make us happy and feel fulfilled. 

"Change happens through movement and movement heals" Joseph Pilates   

Christy Hayne

Proprietor ChristyPilates

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