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ChristyPilates  "maintaining mobility as we age"

"If your Spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young."
Joseph Pilates

About Christy


Christy Hayne is a life-long lover of movement who has lived her passion to the fullest from her earliest days. Beginning in childhood as a tree-climbing, multi-sport athlete and gymnast, Christy discovered dance in her teens, eventually earning a place in Calgary’s own Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, where she spent a decade as a professional dancer.


In a NYC modern dance master class, Christy was introduced to the practice of Pilates, which - in the 1980’s - was gaining traction with dancers as a system of conditioning that supported the intense physical demands of full-time dance training and performance. The controlled repetition of sequences designed to improve core stability through the strengthening of deep intrinsic musculature, the refining of larger back and lower body muscle groups, and improving connections between breath and movement, became Christy's passion as well as a preferred personal practice.


A mother of two, an avid runner, and a lover of outdoor pursuits, this practice became a new career for Christy when she received her Stott Pilates Certification in 2004 and began teaching in Calgary. Christy returns frequently to New York City for Pilates  and functional movement continuing education. She also completed her yoga teacher training in 2012 - 200hr RYT - and often incorporates yoga and mindful movement into her Pilates classes.  An inspirational, as well as experienced, teacher, Christy skillfully guides students towards their personal best, and that oh-so-rewarding “Aha" moment. Christy's focus is on helping people move, know their bodies capabilities, and energize their life to achieve their physical and mental potential and find joy in moving.   


A friend introduced me to Christy’s classes  and I was instantly hooked.... >

A friend introduced me to Christy’s classes just about a year ago and I was instantly hooked. At one time long ago, I was a dancer; not a dancer like Christy, on a stage in NYC; I was in a cold and dusty church hall.
The movements of Pilates are familiar to me from my modest ballet training.  In Christy’s classes, I am reminded of the feeling of ‘being pulled tall as though a string were being pulled from the top of your head’.  I straighten my spine, pull in my abs and,  for that hour, I feel like a lithe teenager again.

Christy has an excellent vocabulary for teaching the movements of Pilates, so everyone can do them correctly, no ballet training required! You will strengthen muscles you didn’t know you had, and develop posture that will allow you to walk tall with confidence and poise.  Christy is conscientious about making sure to provide alternatives for those who aren’t quite able to do the full movement, and encouraging for all body types and fitness levels to ‘give it a try’.  The benefits of Pilates are endless, from catching yourself from falling on the icy sidewalk, to walking upright with excellent posture, to strengthening the pelvic floor. 

The greatest thing about Christy’s style is her inclusiveness and warmth.  Everyone is made to feel welcome and capable in both classes and on the videos.  Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for all ages and body types. I think anyone with a sore back should give it a try, as the stronger the core is, the easier it is to avoid and recover from lower back issues. Christy’s video library is a great option to practice Pilates on your own time, all you need is a mat and a couple of soup cans for weights!


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Studio address - 800 34th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 2A3 

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