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Exercise Snacks

You've got 10 minutes in the middle of your busy day that is unscheduled and you're in need of a 'pick me up' energy snack. Instead of going for that second or third cup of coffee, try a 10 minute Pilates exercise snack, drink some water and feel the boost in energy.

Try these common exercises - 1 minute/exercise

  1. Half Roll Backs (move from a seated position tucking your tailbone under and returning back to a lengthened spine)

  2. Half Roll Backs with rotation (adding a twist, pull one elbow back and look in the direction you are rotating)

  3. Supine leg Circles (10 x in each direction repeating right and left legs)

  4. Hip Rolls ( finding articulation through your spine as you move to a bridge position and melt back down sequentially)

  5. Side lying Side Kicks (1 minute per side/leg)

  6. Breast Stroke Prep 1 followed by Full Breast Stroke (working in your prone position)

  7. Bird Dog (Alternate sides and hold each for 30 seconds)

  8. Leg Pull Front in plank position (lifting one foot at a time and shifting back and forward from the supporting leg)

  9. Downward Facing Dog with Cross Reach to Table Top Plank.

  10. Cat & Cow (flexion & extension of the spine)

Simple ways to squeeze some strength building and mobility into your busy day!

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