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Double Leg KICK deconstructed...

Double leg Kick is a great all round anti slouch exercise. Performed prone, on our bellies, it is a mat Pilates extension exercise whose purpose is to strengthen the back extensors, hip extensors, as well as open the chest and shoulders.

When doing the exercise, do not lift your pelvis up or down, especially when you initiate the 3 hamstring curls/pulses.. 'KICK YOUR GLUTES'. There is an isolation of the hamstring muscles concentrically (shortening) & eccentrically (lengthening) as you draw your abdominal muscles in & up to support you and stabilize the pelvis.

Begin with our arms drawing up your back to your lower spine, as you turn your cheek to one side then to the other. Your arms can either stay clasped together to reach down the back or they can separate to alongside your hips; think..Breast stroke prep 2, as I have modelled in the video below.

I often term this exercise in class as an anti-slouch exercise. By strengthening your back & hip extensor muscles, you can avoid the all too common sign of aging - slouching forward with rounded shoulders, and instead maintain an upright strong, supple and healthy spine. Happy glute kicking!

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