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Energy Lines

> Attack - Is the movement sharp/sudden or smooth/sustained?

> Tension - Is the movement tight or loose?

> Force - Is the movement strong or gentle?

> Weight - Is the movement connected to the earth or light on the feet/floating?

> Flow - Is the movement free to move with ease, or constrained/bound?

When we talk about energy in the body, all of the above are examples of how movers can create energy.

In Pilates, you often hear me cue body lines, technique and energy. You often hear me say the words, 'reach' and 'lengthen. By imagining yourself being pulled in opposite directions, you are creating energy in the body.

Lifting the energy from the heart, rather than lifting the chin or the eyes, can help us move into thoracic extension, without creating neck tension. Think about this heart image next time we do Breast Stroke Prep 1 and full Breast Stroke exercise in class.

I encourage you in class to take time to notice how you can create energy and alter it by choosing how you move. Above all, enjoy the process of moving in different ways and with different qualities.

Yours in health & wellness,


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