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It's all about Levers!

Two forces - acting in parallel and in opposite directions - create leverage. In mat Pilates, our legs and arms can create heavier, longer levers which challenge our core and torso/ pelvic stability. Think about the levers created in 'double leg stretch': the abdominals work to stay connected and engaged, while we lever the arms towards to the ceiling and lengthen our legs away from the hips. To create more leverage we try to create the sensation of being stretched or pulled in opposite directions.

We also see this in play while executing our prone exercises and moving into thoracic extension. In breast stroke prep 3, we again notice the challenge of creating a heavier lever by connecting our hands to our forehead to lift our forearms off the floor. A further challenge comes when we lift legs and arms together to 'swim', lengthening our limbs in opposing directions. This September, my first 2 videos focus on exercises which challenge us by creating leverage through lightly-weighted levers. If you are a video subscriber, grab your 2 lb toning balls, light weights or soup cans (no more than 2 lbs), and get ready to challenge your torso stability by using your 'powerhouse' muscles!

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