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Maintaining Lifetime Mobility

"Maintaining mobility as we age"- Mobility is the reason I began Pilates as a professional dancer and the reason, 30 years later, why I teach it today.

What exactly do I mean by mobility? It is the ability to move, in control, through one's own given range of motion, over one or more joints. Our personal flexibility will determine the mobility we have in one or more joints. Flexibility is a component of mobility, but the two are not the same.

Think of the Pilates 'One Leg Circle' exercise. Our hamstring and lower back/spine flexibility determines where our leg positions itself for the series; however, our mobility is governed by our hip joint and the flexibility that exists.

We are able to explore our range of motion in the hip while executing our One Leg Circles of various sizes. We aim for active control over the positions we move through.

As we age, many of us are aware that cardiovascular training and muscular strength and conditioning are critical to our fitness regimes. However, we must also remember that mobility & flexibility training are as equally vital. By including this type of daily mobility training through Pilates & Yoga, we can continue to maintain our available range of motion, which allows us to enjoy all our favourite activities and maintain joint health.

Yours in health and wellness!


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