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Port de bras arms in Pilates

Many of the arm positions we use in Pilates come from the world of Ballet. There are 5 Port de bras positions: First position, Second position.... through to Fifth position. Port de bras (in english - carriage of the arms) is how we move through these 5 arm positions gracefully.

In Pilates, our arms are an extension of our back as we continue to maintain a lengthened spine. We remind ourselves not to lock in our elbow joint but instead to maintain a softened elbow crease. Whether we are moving the arms with or without toning balls (1 or 2 lbs), we should continually see our hands in our peripheral vision. This is important as it helps us both to keep our ribcage aligned to our pelvis and not to flair or 'pop' our ribs. Port de bras arm movements allow us to explore the range of motion in our shoulder girdle and by adding light weights, such as 2lb toning balls, we can also add strengthening work to our shoulders & back.

Please refer to my 2 NEW videos for video subscribers:

Port be bras - deconstructed (gentle/toning balls) and Full Body FUEL ! ( Spicy/no props)

....and stay tuned for more toning ball videos coming your way this month.

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