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"ChristyPilates gave me strength, stability & balance which gave me back competitive rowing." Louise

I have been a student of Christy’s for about seven years. I first started classes with her to strengthen my core and my back as I had started racing again as a masters rower after a 20 year absence. Prior to training with Christy, I suffered chronic exercise induced back pain. Christy strengthened my core (and especially my transverse abs) for back stability and strength - I never ever get back pain any more. I am such an advocate of ChristyPilates that three years ago I coordinated a weekly Pilates class for my fellow masters rowers. Everyone will confirm that they have never felt stronger or more well balanced and she has helped with everyone,s unique sporting injuries. Here is my quad from the Worlds Masters Championships. Honestly - athlete or not - everyone can benefit from Pilates with Christy!

Louise Rokosh

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