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Let's talk about Better Balance

We all know some of the principles of Pilates -






We also know Pilates focuses on slow, refined and deliberate movement, but it can also create increased flexibility, coordination and BETTER BALANCE!

Dynamic Balance is our ability to maintain balance while moving or changing positions and this is what we are doing in our Pilates practice.

Balance is heavily informed by our core strength, proprioception (awareness of where our body is in space) and interoception (awareness of how we feel when we move). Pilates can improve all 3 of these skills, so it makes sense that Pilates can also BETTER OUR BALANCE.

There are so many daily exercises you can add to improve and BETTER YOUR BALANCE -

  1. Stand on one leg while brushing your teeth every day. Alternate R leg in the morning and L. leg in the evening. See if you can work your way up to 1 minute and beyond.

  2. Can you pick up your socks with your toes and put them on your feet? Can you then move to the next challenge by putting one shoe on at a time and tie your laces?

  3. Take the tightrope challenge - Pick a line on your floor/ tile or wood planking. Imagine it is a balance beam and try walking forward for 10 steps, foot to foot, and then reverse (walk backwards) for 10 steps. Try your best to keep your gaze lifted and draw one heel right to the toes of the other foot, as you stay on the imaginary tightrope/ balance beam.

Build fun balance challenges into your daily routines and you'll see and feel how quickly your balance improves!

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