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10x10 October Challenge

This month I began putting together a sequence of Pilates exercises & variations to create the 10x10 challenge, 10 Reps of 10 exercises linked together. Each exercise is done with control using precision movement. In this challenge, the slower - the better! Note this challenge should be completed once the body has adequately warmed up ie. shoulder & arm circles, hip release, or some cardio, such as jumping jacks/brisk walk/ run or cycle. I have posted the complete challenge online for all video subscribers.

This leads me to the principles of Precision & Control:

We aim to work with muscle control, meaning no sloppy or haphazard movements. We also aim for precision by not leaving out any of the minute details of a specific movement. By exercising precision and control in our practise, we reap the full benefit of each exercise. I recommend that you focus on doing each exercise well, as intended, rather than doing many sloppy half-hearted ones. If you need to modify for your body and do less reps, then listen to your body....It knows BEST!

Joseph Pilates believed in working smarter - that's why Pilates is often referred to as 'an Intelligent form of exercise'. Move with awareness, precision and control. Remember to breathe from the get-go and have FUN!

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