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Are You Aware of Your Postural Habits?

I often find myself mentioning to my Pilates clients that they should pay attention to their posture when doing everyday things. A good example is when you are standing in line at a grocery store! Do you shift into one hip? Do you slouch and roll shoulders forward? Where is the weight in your feet? Do you lock in your knees? Is your gaze lifted or looking down?

Awareness is key to great posture - perfect posture is vital to muscle and joint alignment and, ultimately, a healthy body. Poor posture can cause our internal organs to compress which can actually affect our digestion. It also can, over years, lead to compressed nerves and constricted blood vessels. If we stand tall and engage our 'powerhouse' muscles, we can take deep breaths, when needed.

Next time you are sitting at your computer, try:

  • Shifting your weight towards the front edge of your chair so you can feel your 'sit bones' on the seat

  • Keeping your feet & knees hip width apart

  • Feeling like you are being lifted from the crown of your head and sitting TALL in your neutral spine position

  • Lengthening your shoulders away from your ears

  • Placing your hands on the chair arm rests and using your arms to lift your buttocks off the chair. Let your arms do the lifting work, staying long and lifted in your neutral spine.

  • And.....hold this position for 10-20 seconds!

So, next time you stand in line at the grocery store, bring awareness to your posture, the same way you do when taking a Pilates class.

Yours in health & wellness, Christy

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