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Fitness Circle

If you subscribe to my video collection, you will see I recently added a video which uses the Fitness Circle, also known as the 'Magic Circle', as a prop. This prop is a great tool for deepening our Pilates practice by adding light to moderate resistance in many of our Pilates mat exercises.

It helps us engage our deep core muscles, pelvic floor, and provides resistance for our arms, shoulders, chest, back body and our leg muscles, both our adductor and abductor muscles. It is said that Joseph Pilates made the first Magic Circle from the ring used around a beer keg.

The Magic Circle can help guide our bodies into correct alignment ie. by requiring the legs to stay parallel during some exercises. It can be used standing, supine & prone and by providing light to moderate resistance is a wonderful tool for guiding us to correct alignment and muscle activation.

Take a look at the Magic Circle Part A video; Part B is will be added shortly to the library. Cheers, yours in health and wellness, Christy.

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