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Grand Battements in Pilates

Although it is considered a ballet exercise, Grand Battements are often done in Pilates while lying on our back or on our side. With both legs lengthened straight, we KICK one leg, using our abdominal muscles to create pelvic stability. Springing one leg up and down and staying externally rotated through our hips, we aim to find a feeling of growing taller as we KICK, finding lightness and control.

DO - execute your Battements without dropping into your waist or hips

- make sure your body is square (pelvis and hips level) and your grounded leg is directly in line with your hip.

DON'T - allow your shoulders to lift when you kick

- lift your leg so high that you lose length through your spine

Check out the newest video on the collection - Battement Variations and find a little spring in your legs!

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