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Pilates & Balance

As we age, our bodies begin to lose muscle mass and our risk of falling can increase. With regular physical activity that incorporates both weight bearing & balance exercises, we can continue to strengthen our legs and core "powerhouse" muscles to mitigate the risk of falling.

Standing Pilates exercises challenge our balance by focusing on hip and core stability as well as stability of the foot and ankle to ensure the body works all together. Improving our balance can make our simple daily tasks more manageable by increasing our functional mobility. In Calgary, we have to contend with icy sidewalks for much of our winter, so adding balance & strengthening exercises into our fitness regime become even more important to do as we age.

One of my favourite exercises I recommend is balancing on one foot while completing a daily task, such as brushing your teeth, waiting in line at a grocery store, or washing your hands, which we are all doing more of these days!

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