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Pilates on Vacation!

Yes, we are finally beginning to turn the COVID corner and beginning to embark upon safe travel again.

I was recently away exploring Cape Breton/Nova Scotia. Pilates is never very far from my mind, so in between hiking and exploring, I found time to roll out a mat (sometimes in a hotel gym) and other times, while finding a stretch of grass to lay down on or a bench for planks & push ups. A little bit of movement everyday leads to increased mobility, which in turn, makes us FEEL WELL. By moving our body while on vacation, even for 15-30 minutes a day, we build strength in our core, deepen our physical & emotional connection, and find renewed energy and focus. Think about how you feel after you have worked out; remind yourself how you feel in your body! The endorphin rush...

Over the years many people have asked me about what they can do while on holiday. Well, I have compiled my top 5 exercises, you can do anywhere...anytime. These exercises involve flexion, extension, and rotation of the spine so you are mobilizing in all planes of movement. Add in some planks and push ups and you have a well-rounded movement series you can take outside or into a gym.

  1. Half Roll Ups - Full Roll Ups (flexion of the spine)

  2. Spine Twist - arms reaching out to the side (rotation of the spine). You can do this seated on a bench or seated on the floor with legs extended infront of you.

  3. Hip Rolls - articulation of the spine to a BRIDGE position. This is always my go-to exercise on holiday; especially if you find yourself sleeping on a less firm mattress than you desire. Your back will thank you!

  4. Breast stroke prep 1 - Full Breast stroke. (extension of the spine). Get those swim strokes in and enjoy some anti-slouch strengthening.

  5. Planks and Push Ups - Yes, they tend to be exercises we shy away from, yet upper body strengthening is vital to our health and wellness as we age. Remember, you can modify both your plank and push-ups onto your knees; check in with your spine alignment so you're not thrusting your chin forward to get closer to the floor. Try holding a plank on a park bench and maybe add a few small push-ups. You can also draw one knee in at a time, as you do with 'single leg stretch'.

All these exercises can be completed in under 15 minutes...take a moment and think about that - 15 minutes of your 24 hour day! That's a small investment in time to FEEL strong and re-energized.

Happy travels,


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