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The Importance of Mixing up our Fitness Regimes

You may have found yourself, during these COVID-19 times, discovering new ways of moving your body in new environments. Many of us have taken up hiking, cycling, running, climbing or playing tennis and golf again.

By doing the same activity 'over and over' again, our muscles can easily get used to and become (too) efficient at those movements, i.e. 'muscle adaptation'. By providing variety in our fitness regimes and functional training, not only can we switch up these muscle groups but also our mindset. This helps us with endurance, but more importantly with fewer 'overuse' injuries. As an added bonus it helps us keep our attention span and avoid becoming bored.

Last year, I trained for and competed in two Spartan races for the age group 50-54. By adding chin ups, sled pushes, and farmer walks (and the dreaded burpees) to my regime, not only did I strengthen my upper body and grip, but I enjoyed the 'rush' of moving in a different way in a different environment. Swinging through rings reminded me of my childhood, where I spent hours on monkey bars. So, next time you see a quiet playground, you might be tempted to go out there and challenge your inner child. Keep moving & mixing it up!

Yours in health & wellness, Christy

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