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Welcome, All Movers!

At ChristyPilates, I have made it my personal mission to cultivate an inclusive community, where everyone and everyBODY is welcome. My goal is for every person to be a MOVER, to 'feel good' in their bodies and to move with joy & ease. On your journey, take time to notice and celebrate the incredible things you are capable of as a MOVER.

I love watching the evolution of people who begin moving in classes, as they discover their strength and work towards their personal goals....I love watching the joy on someone’s face when they have that "AHA" moment while moving; when an exercise or sequence that seemed to be impossible at one point in time, suddenly becomes possible!

Take time to think about your own movement progressions. Did you at one point in time, have a challenging time holding a high plank, and now you can? Did you strive to do a single push up, and now you can do 3? Notice the subtle changes in strength and coordination and how that feels in your body; hold yourself a little taller, and be proud of your achievements!! When you can suddenly put the challenging pieces together in 'Coordination' exercise, or you rock that dance sequence in 'Moves & Grooves', celebrate what your amazing body & brain are capable of!!

In this month of giving thanks, take time to reflect upon the intrinsic rewards of moving and how you feel at the end of a workout. Feeling strong and energetic encourages us to continue walking down a healthy lifestyle-path. Celebrate your unique and capable body and how it feels to move.

My goal for every person and everyBODY who walks into class or does a video online, is that you feel successful, have fun, and experience the joy of moving.

- In health & wellness,


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