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What type of Pilates class is right for you?

There are so many offerings today in Pilates studios. Many are intrigued by the equipment used, or the latest popular prop.

There are 2 main approaches to Pilates - Classic & Contemporary. Both have the same guiding principles: Breathe, Control, Flow, Precision and using our Center 'Powerhouse'. The difference lies in the exercises and the sequencing.

Classic Pilates is based on the original form created in the 1920's using both equipment and the mat. All muscles of the body are involved in strengthening.

Mat Pilates is very popular around the world because it is easy to incorporate into our daily fitness regimes as all one needs is a mat! This is how Joseph Pilates began teaching his movement sequences and people enjoy the affordability of this method.

Refomer Pilates involves the use of the 'reformer', a flat platform that glides forward and back with the use of springs to create resistance and support if needed. It is the most common of all the equipment pieces used in classes and in private sessions.

Contemporary Pilates is the combination of classical and a more modern variation based upon physiotherapy. Contemporary Pilates is seen as a very comprehensive style, as it incorporates mat, reformer, and other equipment/props. It can accommodate those seeking general fitness, sports training, rehab and/or pregnancy.

When you're looking at classes, ask yourself about the goals you are seeking and your personal movement preferences? Are you trying to regain overall strength in your body, following an injury or illness? Are you looking to gain some flexibility/mobility? Are you looking for a strengthening class with a variety of props? Or are you looking for a challenging Core/Powerhouse workout?

Please check out the latest class offerings in our Fall schedule, (registration opens Monday, September 28th @4pm) as you might find there is a class that meets your personal needs:

  1. Mat Pilates, all levels.

  2. Spicy Mat Pilates

  3. Pilates & Yoga

  4. Pilates with Props

- In health & wellness,


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