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Your Stability Ball = Your Desk Chair!

Many of us have moved to working with stand-up desks in the workplace and, now, at home. In fact, my husband who uses a stand-up desk at his office is now standing at home with an ironing board - to hold his keyboard - to encourage good posture.

Another option we have available is the use of a stability ball as a desk chair. In this short video clip, I've introduced a few arm exercises you can do while seated on your ball. These exercises task our 'powerhouse' to engage - in order to stay tall and lengthened through your spine.

If you need a break in the middle of your workday, grab some weights! I'm using 2lbs toning balls, but you can use light weights (no more than 3lbs) or no weights at all. You might find this challenging at first, so it is wise to begin with short time allotments. Try 15-20 minutes seated on your ball, and remember, we need our hips to be at or above our knees while seated!

Yours in health & wellness, Christy

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